Wednesday, March 19, 2014


                     In march 27th's 2.2 patch update will bring 4 new dancing emotes! unlocked via quest.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Fishers of surpassing skill can try their hand at reeling in impressive denizens of the deep once thought to be mere legend, earning an array of achievements in the process. Do you have what it takes to stake your claim as one of Eorzea's master anglers? Fishing is boring zzz...;]

New recipes

Patch 2.2 will introduce a host of new recipes for crafters of all skill levels, including both traditional recipes and new recipes which will test even the talents of the most accomplished artisans.Players will have access to crafting facilities in their estates. With eight types in total, these facilities can be used by crafters level 40 or below to increase their CP for a fixed period of time.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Free Teleports!

Upon logging into the game with a one-time password, you will have the option of designating one aetheryte of your choice as a free destination. Teleporting to your free destination will incur no gil fee, and the aetheryte designated can be changed at any time! It seems this isnt live yet, maybe its a 2.2 thing, who knows but ill keep you posted.

Click here if you do not have a one time password

Saturday, March 15, 2014


FC Awaken large house walk through, we have had the house about 2 months now.Nova and Eevee have crafted most of everything and have placed it in the perfect spots! Watch me give you a slow but quick tour of the Awaken manor! Purchase price 83mil.

Moogle Mog

Joined a King Mog PUG in party finder today, they wiped this fight is beyond easy. With march 27th's 2.2 patch brings King Mog Extreme mode. My guess is it will drop an accessory, and i hope it offers more of a challenge than this easy clusterfuck of a mess fight lol. First time as monk.

No more CT pls!

Final boss in CT Acheron, so glad to get to this boss in CT because it means the CT run is over! lol seriously though the 100th crystal tower run gets very old even on a new job -_- SE pls. This fight is done on my Monk ilvl85.

CT can you not?

Still trying this week to get some Fuma gear from CT for my monk, 10 or so runs so far and no drops D: SE pls. Does anyone else feel like the loot tables are a little messed up? or maybe there's some unknown feature of the game, with the stars and constellation and day of the week depends on what drops and how often, this was in FFXI so who knows. I know one thing I'm tired of CT!

Help your FC mates!

Joined a party in progress for Haukke Manor(easy mode) today to help a FC mate who's healer dropped out of the duty. I noob'd it up at the end bye typing lol but still a quick finish. ilvl84 White mage, full CT gear.

Glamour system

In the upcoming 2.2 patch on march 27th players will be able to have vanity. Players will be able to take lower level items and use the skin to cover up higher level items. Being able to reverse this is still unknown, i sure hope so...SE pls.

Relic weapon +2?

Hints have been dropped on the new malestorm website of a relic +2 weapon. The armor in the pictures may or may not be relic 2. My guess is its a new form of dark light and will be apart of the new currency coming out something to get before the af2.

They teased paladin, white mage, and bard. The armor looks pretty cool but the paladin is a little plain imo.


Battle on the bridge! not much details have been released about this fight so only speculation, but im sure its going to be a fun one! Wait wot a green chicken? Gilgamesh has multiple arms but in the screenshot i only see 2, maybe this is a hard version and the extreme version brings more arms, with march 27th 2.2 is just around the corner, we soon shall see!

New hairstyles in 2.2! I know i sure do change my characters hairstyle/color at least once a week. Gotta keep things fresh i guess! Ha the last frame in that picture she's like bye Felicia. Anyways with 2.2 just around the corner i couldn't be anymore excited!

Garuda extreme PUG life

Like 95% of party finder PUG's they all end in fail, low dps, wrong positioning. Of course i did my job correct and was on point as always. I wanted a quick garuda win for my video but it didnt happen, this is basically the fight if you have faster dps it would of been dead lol. I will try to get FC members or good people to record one shot videos tomorrow. Please look forward to good playing videos.

level 50 monk


Here's my monk just got it to lvl 50 today and its already ilvl84! check out some crazy dbz moves lol Monk is very high dps and by far the funnest melee dps to play, would recommend checking this job out!

FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. FINAL FANTASY XIV c 2010-2013 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved

it works!


I Got my recording setup, youtube chnl set up, looks like im ready to record raids!Look forward to a Garuda raid video sometime today, i plan on doing all the Primals this week and then turns 1-5 next week, check back for videos daily!

FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. FINAL FANTASY XIV c 2010-2013 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved

Stay tuned for Youtube

Stay tuned for my very own YouTube channel, I'm going to start recording me playing and one shotting "difficult fights"in HD 720p Along with quick memorable guides. Please check back for this! within the week.

Is your Static 2.2 Ready?

In 2.2 patch coil is getting its 6-9 turns finally! This means new bosses and loot, but are you ready? Is your static ready to wipe for hours, or go in like pros? My fc is getting ready with food and potions. There will be new crafting recipes , maybe 3 star food. Gather your crystals now, get stacks of 99 2 star foods, ready your potions its going to be a bumpy ride to server first. 

House Party!

My FC Awaken house party was a success 2 months back, Large house purchased with 83~mil. The house is finished and set up perfectly, we are truly, best house NA.

PLD Turn 5 weapon, Got it!

                              After losing roll to it once before i received my sword on my 4th T5 kill.

New Veterans Reward?

New buzz around conversational veterans reward for 360 days of subscription. A free teleport, gill free, on the house. SE PLS! this cant be true, a miss translation on the website? something!? Lets hope its a item that grants unlimited teleports for free, because hey 360 days is about 150$ in subscription cost why not have a free 600 gil teleport.

Diablos makes an appearance

In the up incoming march 27th 2.2 patch Diablos is teased in a new trailer, he most likely with be the final boss in the new dungeon The Lost City of Amador. He has a signature move that takes a third of your hp, look out for this one!

Pre-order now!

Pre-order the PS4 version of Final fantasy xiv: a realm reborn to receive a fat Chocobo mount! along with a Moogle minion to follow you around. People who bought the collectors edition either PC or PS3 will also receive these rewards in the up incoming 2.2 patch! please look forward to fat Chocobo marches around rev toll late at night.

2.2 preview video

An Awesome 8min video of goodies and upcoming features, enjoy.
I caught my self having to pause in spots because of how quick they show things.

Along with this video a new website with loads of previews and information opened. Click here to view

Leviathan - Lord of the Whorl

In march 27th's new upcoming 2.2 patch brings a new and long awaited primal fight, in hard mode and extreme mode, with extreme mode doping powerful weapons that surpass current coil turn 5 weapons.Not much information the fight has been released however it looks like you will be fighting on a ship in the ocean that tilts back and forth as leviathan comes zooming by trying to smack you. Here are some of the rewards you can receive.

Live letter

Don't forget March 21'st the 2nd half of the 2.2 live letter is going live 2:30am PST. I will be updating the website with all the information given in the letter. So if you miss the live letter please check back here for all the details! You can catch the live letter on twitch and youtube along with rienhearts translation on twitch, My body is ready for 2.2

Welcome to my first blog and post.

With 2.2 just around the corner i have decided to make an official I don't suck at this game blog. Please enjoy yourself as you follow me along my journey in ffxiv, learn expert advice, get the latest ffxiv information and more to come. I hope to update this blog daily so please check back often :D